Where Can You Find Old Yearbooks?


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Websites such as OurClassReunion.com, ThisOldYearbook.com and Old-Yearbooks.com can help those searching for old yearbooks. Yearbooks are not only great for walks down memory lane, and they are an excellent source of historical data.

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Where Can You Find Old Yearbooks?
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A yearbook is more than a bunch of photos of former classmates, it's a snapshot of a moment in time. Most yearbooks encapsulate a period of time, usually a year, and record the happening during that time frame. There are also often references to issues such as the price of items including milk, bread and gasoline. The photos give viewers an idea about fashion trends, from clothing to shoes and even hairstyles.

To locate an old yearbook, using a website such as OurClassReunion.com is helpful. Visitors can search by state to see what yearbooks are available. Many of the listings lead to eBay, so searching there is a good idea as well. Similar searches can also be completed on ThisOldYearook.com and Old-Yearbooks.com. Another option is to post a request for the wanted yearbook. Both OurClassReunion.com and ThisOldYearbook.com offer this option.

For those who are seeking a specific old yearbook, contacting the school in question could lead to finding the needed yearbook. Some schools keep copies of yearbooks from each year.

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