What Can You Do With Old Textbooks?


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If you have old textbooks that you no longer need or want, a popular option is to sell them. Some people also use them to make unique furniture or decor.

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You can sell textbooks in a number of ways, depending on how fast you need to get the cash. Many people list old textbooks for sale on school bulletin boards or on classified papers or websites. Selling them to a used bookstore, whether online or near the school, often provides a bit more money. However, it takes more time than the other options.

Most school bookstores buy used textbooks. Unfortunately, they do not pay anywhere close to what they charge for the book.

Add an academic flair to your decor by using old textbooks as wall shelves. Get a couple of metal brackets, and screw them to the wall as far apart as the book is long. Place the book on the brackets and use a long screw to hold it in place. Use the shelf for decorations or even to hold other books. To make a longer shelf, place a couple of these shelves close together. You can use inexpensive material to cover the books and keep the shelf a consistent design or color.

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