How Can You Find Old Middle School Yearbooks?

You can acquire or view a copy of an old middle school yearbook by contacting the middle school directly, suggests Jostens, the nation's largest yearbook publisher. claims to have the country's largest collection of yearbooks, providing another resource for accessing an old yearbook. offers online access to its digital yearbook collection; however, a monthly fee is required to view the collection. According to, you can also investigate your local historical society and community museums are possible resources by which to gain copies of old yearbooks. Some local genealogical societies and public libraries also have access to old yearbooks.

Facebook serves as a resource for connecting with those who have copies of old yearbooks. A member of Ohio's Medina County Historical Society stated that he used Facebook to try to sell extra copies of old yearbooks, according to Moreover, an article in the Carteret County News-Times detailed an undertaking by two men to upload over a decade's worth of old high school yearbooks to Facebook to make them available to anyone. Therefore, Facebook offers a means of contacting others to determine if they have copies of particular yearbooks or learn if copies of old yearbooks have been posted online.