How Can You Obtain a Copy of the Sumerian Alphabet?


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The Sumerian alphabet, more commonly known as Cuneiform, is featured on Omniglot.com and AncientScripts.com. Dreamstime.com, a site that offers stock images, contains printable, downloadable images of Cuneiform, both in photographs and in educational images.

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Cuneiform was first adopted as a writing system in Sumer in the 4th millennium B.C. The Sumerian version is the first of many iterations, including Archaic cuneiform, Akkadian cuneiform, Assyrian cuneiform and Old Persian cuneiform.

Omniglot.com offers a comprehensive chart of Sumerian syllabic glyphs as well as a brief description of the system's Sumerian history. The site also features a chart that shows the development of Cuneiform from 3000 to 600 B.C. Omniglot describes notable features of the language, including aspects of grammar and physical production.

AncientScripts.com offers a more in-depth examination of Cuneiform's history, and it features developments and changes in the writing system. The site explains how archaeologists and linguists translate the language and apply it in a historical context.

Dreamstime.com offers both time-based and pay-per-download plans that can be bought with a major credit card. One of the charts offered at Dreamstime.com features 26 glyphs which directly correspond to letters of the English alphabet, and the site contains stock images of actual, historical relics.

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