Where can you find free NCLEX practice questions?


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Some examples of websites that offer practice questions for the NCLEX are Mighty Nurse, Nurse Labs and Khan Academy. The NCLEX, also known as the National Council Licensure Exam is a standardized test used by state boards of nursing to determine if nursing students are ready to be licensed and start working as entry-level nurses.

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Mighty Nurse is a website that offers nursing students more than 120 practice questions from the NCLEX. It also provides new dosage calculation questions every week. Mighty Nurse also has study guides for the NCLEX and suggestions about studying for this exam provided by real nurses who have passed it.

Nurse Labs is another site with more than 3,500 practice questions for the NCLEX, along with 14 NCLEX practice tests. It also provides questions based on test categories including nursing research, prioritization, delegation and assignment, as well as acid-base balance analysis. This allows nursing students to get extra practice in areas where they might be struggling.

Khan Academy has practice NCLEX questions that are categorized based on different types of symptoms and diseases. For example, there are specific NCLEX questions about lung cancer, plueral effusion, pregnancy, psychotic disorders and neurodevelopment disorders.This allows students to focus on different body systems and diseases when they are studying for the NCLEX.

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