Where Can You Find Names for Newborn Baby Boys?

Where Can You Find Names for Newborn Baby Boys?

Names for newborn baby boys are available online from resources such as About.com and OhBabyNames.com. Both sources feature baby boy names from various ethnic and religious origins.

Examples of baby boy names provided by About.com include Noah, Liam, Jackson, Logan and Dylan. These are some of the most popular boy names as of 2015. In addition to articles containing lists of popular baby boy names, this website features articles on names for twins and Christian-themed names. Articles featuring lists of names that start with a specific letter are also available.

Examples of names for twin boys include Noah and Niles, Owen and Ian, or Joseph and Jacob. Moses and Aaron is another idea for baby twin names that is also Biblical.

OhBabyNames.com features baby boy names from American, African-American, French, German, Greek and Nordic origins. Additional name origins that are available include Italian, Russian and Scottish. Users may search for names by beginning letter and number of syllables.

This website provides users with information about the names such as meaning, etymology and general characteristics of people with that name. For example, the name Aden means "little fire" and is an adaptation of an ancient Gaelic name. The characteristics of Aden include love, compassion and sensitivity.