Where Can You Find Meaning of Hebrew Names?


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The meanings of Hebrew names are available from specialty and baby name websites such as BabyNames.net, Behind the Name and All Hebrew Names. There are thousands of Hebrew names, many of which can only be found on specialty Hebrew name websites.

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Where Can You Find Meaning of Hebrew Names?
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In addition to providing the meanings of names, All Hebrew Names provides the numerological or gematria value of the names. Gematria is a system, commonly used with Jewish texts, which assigns a number to a word or phrase. Each letter has a value that is added to find the numerical value of any word, including names. These numerical values have been used to find relationships and meanings between words and phrases in Hebrew texts. Most Hebrew names come from religious texts, and some scholars use these numbers to derive meaning from the texts and the names.

Popular Hebrew names for boys include Aaron, which means "high mountain," and Adam, which simply means "man." Michael and David are two very popular Hebrew names that are used all over the world that mean "who is like God?" and "beloved one," respectively. Common Hebrew girl's names include Sarah, which means "noble lady, princess," and Rachel, which means "ewe." In the United States and many other countries, many of the most common names are Hebrew, because they come from the Bible.

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