Where Can You Get Help With Your Math Homework?


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Websites, such as Mathway.com, allow students to enter a math problem they are struggling with, and then provide example problem and solution combinations which show them how to solve it. Additional sites, such as Webmath.com and Math.com, offer tips for various math processes which are broken down by grade and skill levels to help steer students to the appropriate tutorial.

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Where Can You Get Help With Your Math Homework?
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To enter a math problem on Mathway, start by choosing the student's math level from the tabs at the top of the page, then use the keyboard and selected notations to enter one problem at a time. Once submitted, the student can look through the examples given to better understand the steps needed to complete the original problem.

When using WebMATH, students should choose the area of math they need assistance with from the drop-down list, before typing the problem in. There is also a help link containing detailed information about the different keystrokes that are available for use when entering the homework problems.

Math.com allows students to select the skill set that meets their current needs, such as "Numbers only" for number crunching or "Reduce," when working with reducing fractions. Each choice steers the navigation toward additional tutorial information that helps students gain more information and potential solutions related to their homework questions.

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