How Can You Make a Printable 6-Inch Ruler?


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K12MathWorksheets.com offers a printable 6-inch ruler template. Printable-Ruler.net offers a wide variety of printable ruler templates; none of them are exactly 6 inches, but all are greater than 6 inches. Each website has specific printing instructions to ensure accuracy.

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K12MathWorksheets.com features a template that has several 6-inch rulers. This template features 8-inch segments and includes metric measurements. A metric-only ruler that is slightly longer than 6 inches is also available. Both the website and template include specific instructions on how to print in order to ensure the ruler is the correct size. The template is designed for letter-size paper.

While Printable-Ruler.net does not offer a ruler that is exactly 6 inches long, it does offer a wide variety of rulers. The closest alternative to a 6-inch ruler on this site is an 8-inch ruler. It also offers a 12-inch ruler that has a 0 inches mark in the center, with both ends marking 6 inches. Many different combinations of measurement options are available. Templates for each ruler are available in both letter size and A4 size paper. The website includes specific instructions on how to print the rulers accurately.

All templates from both of these websites require a program that can read PDF files.

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