How Can You Make Your Own Math Flash Cards?


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Make your own math flashcards by writing a math term or problem on the front of an index card and the definition or solution on the back of the card. Alternately, use an online flash card creation tool such as those on AplusMath or Math-Aids.com

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How Can You Make Your Own Math Flash Cards?
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The basic concept behind flashcards is to create a visual study aid that allows one to quickly check the answer of different questions. A math flashcard usually either includes a term and definition pair or a specific problem and its solution. Problem and solution flashcards help test the ability to utilize different math skill such as addition, multiplication or subtraction. To create such a flashcard, write an equation on the front of the card with a pen or marker and the solution on the reverse side. Avoid using markers with dark ink, as they often bleed through sheer paper and reveal the answer unintentionally.

Another way to make custom math flashcards is to design them in an online tool. AplusMath allows users to create one to 12 different flashcards that contain custom math problems and print them out on a standard sheet of paper. After printing the sheet, cut out the cards to begin using them. Math-Aids.com offers different premade flashcards that also require printing.

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