How Can I Make an Egg Drop With 20 Straws and One Roll of Scotch Tape?

While there are many successful egg drop designs, one of the most successful is a conical design. With 20 straws, a roll of Scotch tape and some thought, a conical egg drop can be created in no time.

  1. Consider the shape

    The shape of any egg drop design is crucial to its success. The shell of an egg is actually structurally sound, as an arch is the strongest geometrical structure. The goal of any design is to use the natural strength of the egg by diverting energy around the entire surface. Cone shapes are often the most successful, and a cone shape with a strong point can be created from 20 straws and a roll of Scotch tape.

  2. Design for controlled flight

    To ensure the force of the impact is properly diverted, the egg drop needs to be designed to fall the right way. With a conical design, it is important to add some stabilization so the egg falls point down. Layers of Scotch tape can be combined to create fins for stabilization. Add these to the wide end of a conical design to encourage it to fall point down.

  3. Test the design

    As with any experiment, test the design before any competition. Make multiple egg drops, and test them at varying heights to determine the success of the design.