How Can You Make the Most of Dorm Storage Space?


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To make the most of dorm storage space, consider baskets that stack, over-the-door hangers and under-bed storage boxes as ideal space-saving solutions. Additionally, look for dual-purpose furniture that provides extra storage areas, while serving a functional purpose as well. The key to making the most of the limited space is by incorporating smart storage systems into the design.

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Stacking and storage are the two most important components when addressing a dorm room's limited space. When storing clothes and shoes, consider using rolling under-bed storage boxes. These make clothes, shoes and school supplies accessible, as they are wheeled out when needed but easily stored when not.

A hanging shoe rack is another solution, since it is hung over a closet door to conserve space. Similar to hanging shoe racks, over-the-door hampers use the same concept by taking the hamper off the floor and hanging it to save space. When organizing a desk, chair pockets act as additional storage. They hang on the backs of desk chairs and store supplies and books.

Magnetic storage containers for staples, paper clips and tacks help keep desks tidy. Other storage solutions to consider are baskets that stack. These have various uses, from storing books to snacks. Also, extra storage boxes for off-season clothes work well, and use milk crates to stack microwaves or televisions.

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