How Can You Make a Creative Title for a Presentation?

can-make-creative-title-presentation Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/CC-BY 2.0

You can make a creative title for a presentation by use of eye-catching, concise, and informative phrases. It is also a good idea to use easy-to-remember words that invoke emotions or opinions.

  1. Determine your audience

    Your audience dictates the tone of your title. A business presentation is different from a casual presentation. Ensure that your title sounds right to your audience.

  2. Give accurate and concise information

    The title introduces your presentation topic. It should thus give accurate information, while remaining short and to the point. Do not set high expectations that the presentation cannot fulfill, causing the audience to lose interest before you conclude.

  3. Add a twist of fun

    Use adjectives to make the title pop out. One example might be "Ten Brilliant Ideas to Keep your Lawn Looking Green this Summer." Use strong words if they blend well with the audience. Examples of strong words and phrases include "killing the competition," "foolproof" and "cheat sheet." However, an overuse of strong words can create monotony and appear shoddy, so be moderate in your use of these words and phrases.

  4. Keep it brief

    Try to limit your title to 70 or fewer characters. Short titles linger in the audience's memory more than long ones. However, do not shorten the title at the expense of essential information.