How Can You Find Lists of Fifth-Grade Spelling Words?

How Can You Find Lists of Fifth-Grade Spelling Words?

Pick from one of several fifth-grade spelling word lists posted to K12 Reader, Home Spelling Words, Time 4 Learning, Big IQ Kids and Education Place from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. K12 Reader features a 36-week program for fifth graders.

  1. Access the lists

    Download each printable list in PDF format. K12 Reader's 36-week curriculum covers an entire school year for students and teachers. Educators use the five-page master spelling list and dictation sentence pages. Each word list is a single page.

  2. Print the pages

    Click on the Print command on your browser to access printing options for each list. Send the print job to the printer to have each resource in a hard-copy format. All 36 lists, plus the teacher resources, total 45 pages of printed material.

  3. Supplement the work

    Consider supplementary work to the word lists, such as K12 Reader's fifth-grade reading comprehension worksheets. Make the spelling lessons more effective by reading stories, essays and sentences in the reading comprehension portion. Spelling words are used in reading material to put spelling lists in context.

  4. Learn new words

    Read and write words on these fifth-grade word lists to commit the words to memory. This 36-week lesson lasts two 18-week semesters to spread out the process. Learn more than 720 new words over one year of instruction.