Where can you find a list of uncommon boy names?


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The websites of Cute Baby Names, Nameberry and Fit Pregnancy all offer lists of uncommon, modern or unique names for baby boys. Each site organizes uncommon boy names in searchable lists.

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Where can you find a list of uncommon boy names?
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Cute Baby Names offers baby boy names organized by ethnicity and time period, including French names, Native American names and Biblical names. Expecting parents can search alphabetically and view the meaning and origin of each name. The site also includes the most popular names for baby boys, so parents can check if a certain name is currently popular.

Nameberry includes boy names that currently fall below the most popular 1,000 names. The site offers lists organized by classic, cool or unusual boy names, along with names from ancient cultures and the Bible. Users can either search for a specific name or browse a list of 100 names to view their explanations, meanings and origins. Users may also rate names by indicating whether they like or dislike a certain boy name.

Fit Pregnancy offers suggestions for modern, futuristic, tough and sporty boy names, along with unisex, Hollywood, rock star and European names. Each list includes an explanation of why expecting parents should consider a name from the specific category, and provides at least three fitting names.

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