Where Can You Find a List of Spanish Words Starting With the Letter "I"?


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A list of Spanish words starting with the letter "I" can be viewed at the SpanishDaddy and Dict.cc websites. The former website includes Spanish words that are similar to their English equivalents while the latter includes a more comprehensive selection.

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Both websites allow users to view lists of words beginning with other letters of the alphabet, with the exceptions, in the case of SpanishDaddy, of the letters "Q," "W," "X," "Y" and "Z."

Some of the words from SpanishDaddy that start with the letter "I" and resemble their English equivalents are:

  • Idea (meaning "idea")
  • Idiota (meaning "idiot")
  • Illusion (meaning "illusion")
  • Impacto (meaning "impact")
  • Incidente (meaning "incident")
  • Imaginar (meaning "to imagine")

Words from the more general list at Dict.cc include:

  • Ileso (meaning "unharmed")
  • Impagable (meaning "unpayable")
  • Imperio (meaning "empire")
  • Impermeable (meaning "raincoat")
  • Importe (meaning "price" or "cost")
  • Impuesto (meaning "tax")
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