Where Can You Find a List of Names for Jehovah?


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A list of names for Jehovah can be viewed at the Prayer Today website. Each name is displayed alongside its translation and scriptural source.

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Where Can You Find a List of Names for Jehovah?
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Examples include: Jehovah-Adon Kal Ha'arets, meaning "Lord of the Earth" (Josh 3:13), Jehovah-Elyon, meaning "Lord Most High" (Psalms 18:2), Jehovah-Helech 'Olam, meaning "Lord King Forever" (Psalms 10:16), Jehovah-Kanna, meaning "Lord Jealous" (Exodus 34:14) and Jehovah-Keren-Yish'i, meaning "Horn of Salvation" (Psalms 18:2)

The name Jehovah itself is made up of four Hebrew letters, which, together in this configuration, are known as the "Tetragrammaton." This is the primary name for the Judeo-Christian God and, as such, is the most frequently mentioned name in the Bible.

Alternative names or titles for God have long been used by devout Christians when speaking, as a display of reverence for their deity. It has also been suggested that religious leaders forbade the common use of the Tetragrammaton, fearing that the knowledge of it could be misused by heathens. Indeed, as recorded in Joel 2:32, the name of Jehovah acts as a kind of magical talisman, bringing salvation to any who utter it.

Despite the importance of the proper name,Jehovah is frequently substituted by "Lord," "Almighty," "Holy Father," and so forth. This is despite God's own instruction to use the name Jehovah.

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