Where Can You Find a List of Muslim Names?


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Names4muslims.com is, as of 2015, one of the most popular sources for researching Muslim names. The website presents the names and their meaning in alphabetical order. Namesofamuslim.com is a similarly extensive archive. Both websites have a search bar allowing users to quickly access specific names and their definitions.

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Several websites feature Muslim names for both lifelong Muslims and recent converts alike. These include searchtruth.com, muslimnames.info, goodworkbooks.com, firdaous.com, and. Prokerala.com, islamcity.com and popularmuslimbabynames.com are also popular. Non-religious websites such as behindthename.com, top-100-baby-names-search.com, and babynamesdirect.com also allow users to search for traditional names from various religions and cultures including those common to Islam. While most of these websites are advertised as databases for baby names, they're also useful for Islamic converts who are looking to find a new name that's more in accordance with their new faith.

A member of the Muslim religion who is curious about the true meaning of his own name, or that of someone he knows, can access sites such as Quranicnames.com for detailed descriptions of traditional Muslim names. Islamic names are commonly either names consistent with those mentioned in the Quran or names that are identical to those of celebrated Islamic figures such as the Prophets, the Sahabi or the family members of the Holy Prophet.

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