Where Can You View a List of Medical Abbreviations?

Where Can You View a List of Medical Abbreviations?

MedicineNet.com has a list of medical abbreviations. Another website with medical abbreviations is Tabers.com. Wikipedia also has a list of medical abbreviations, and Dummies.com has a list of 10 medical abbreviations and symbols for emergency medical technicians.

Medical professionals often use these abbreviations to communicate precisely and quickly. For example, AICD means automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator, according to Taber's Medical Dictionary.

Sometimes, an abbreviation can mean more than one thing, and it is the responsibility of the medical expert to know the context-dependant meaning. For example, ACS can mean altered conscious state, acute coronary syndrome or acute chest syndrome. MS can mean multiple sclerosis, mitral stenosis, medical student or mental status. PA can mean posterior-anterior, psoriatic arthritis, physician assistant or pulmonary artery.

Diseases, medical conditions and anatomical features are not only abbreviated, instructions are too, as is evident on a doctor's prescription. Gtt means "drops," p.r.n. means "as needed," Q.d. means "each day," q.i.d. means "four times a day," while t.i.d means "three times a day." Some abbreviations derive from Latin. For example, p.o. comes from per os, which is the Latin for by mouth.

From among the abbreviations EMTs use to help them assess their patients, AMPL gives information about patient allergies, medications, past medical history and last oral intake.