Where Can You Find a List of English Verbs?

Where Can You Find a List of English Verbs?

Find a list of English verbs at ESLGold.com. The verbs are presented in table form with headings for the base verb, the third-person singular, the past, the past participle and -ing forms. Each table presents a different category of verb, including regular, irregular, spell-changes and vowel-shifting verbs.

Verbs are action words that indicate mental or physical states of being. They express motions or actions. There are two main types of English verbs, regular and irregular.

The past tense and the past participle of most English verbs are formed by adding -ed to the base form (worked, played, listened), and these are known as regular verbs. They are easier to conjugate than irregular verbs because the same -ed endings is used for singular and plural subjects.

However, many of the most commonly used verbs are irregular, and they are not conjugated according to a predictable pattern. These must be learned one at a time. Many of the most commonly used verbs in English are irregular and must be changed when conjugated in the past tense. There is also a great deal of variability in the past participle forms.

Most English verbs do not require extensive form changes for person, but the verb “to be” is an exception and requires the most changes with regard to tense, number and person.