Where Can You Find a List of English Suffixes and Prefixes?


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The Enchanted Learning, PrefixSuffix.com and Learn That Word websites provide lists of prefixes and suffixes in the English language, their meanings and examples of words that use them. PrefixSuffix.com and Learn That Word also provide roots of words in their lists, though Learn That Word's list doesn't contain any suffixes.

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Enchanted Learning also provides a variety of student activity worksheets for prefixes and suffixes. These include matching prefixes with root words, filling in the missing prefix or suffix, and creating words with given prefixes.

The lists on PrefixSuffix.com and Learn That Word do not differentiate the prefixes from the suffixes or the roots, so it is important to know the difference between each. A prefix is an affix at the beginning of a root word that changes the word's meaning, while a suffix comes at the end. Without these affixes, the root word can still stand on its own. For example, the adjective "friendly" consists of the noun "friend" and the suffix "-ly." Roots are often of Latin or Greek origin and help in determining the meaning of words. For example, the Greek root "anthro" means human and is at the center of such words as "philanthropy," which refers to humanitarianism.

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