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To find a list of antonyms, visit academic websites such as EnchantedLearning.com, Synonyms-Antonyms.com and MyEnglishPages.com. All three websites provide a list of antonyms arranged in their alphabetical order to make it easier to locate a specific word and its antonym based on the first letter.

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The antonyms on EnchantedLearning are located on the Site Index link at the top menu of the homepage. Under the ?A? category of the Site Index page, scroll down and click on the Antonyms link. The new page contains a list of antonyms arranged from letter A to Z. It also contains revision quizzes for students to test their knowledge of antonyms and other related English topics.

On Synonyms-Antonyms.com, go to the left-hand side of the page and click Antonyms. This opens a list of antonyms divided into three categories from A to G, H to Q and R to Z.

To view the antonyms on MyEnglishPages, click the Vocabulary button located at the top menu of the homepage, and then find the link labelled "Extended List of Opposites" from the provided list. Click on the link to view a list of antonyms classified from A to K, L to V and W to Z.

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