Where can you get a list of all the adjectives that rhyme?


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English for Students offers an index of words that rhyme, and many of the words on the list are adjectives. When looking for words that rhyme with specific adjectives, RhymeZone and Rhymer are two online tools that allow users to search for rhymes by individual word.

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There are a number of polysyllabic words that contain rhymes, such as "airy-fairy." Many of these words are also adjectives. English for Students offers a complete index of these rhyming words, as well as their definitions, and an example of each word used in a sentence.

Both Your Dictionary and Englishleap offer lists of adjectives. These lists are not comprehensive and serve to highlight the huge number of adjectives in the English language. In addition, many adjectives can rhyme with words that are not adjectives. Thus, a complete chart of adjectives that rhyme would be too large to be convenient.

To find all of the rhymes for any given adjective or other type of word, sites like Rhymer and RhymeZone are helpful. Users simply type in the word they want to find a rhyme for, and the website presents a full list of rhyming words. The search results on both websites are organized by number of syllables.

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