Where Can You Find a List of 100 Kindergarten Sight Words?

Where Can You Find a List of 100 Kindergarten Sight Words?

The Internet is the fastest way to get access to a variety of different resources for kindergarten sight words from sites such as readingbyphonics.com. Many of these resources are free to print at home.

Readingbyphonics.com offers a printable list of the kindergarten sight words as well as printable flash cards and printable worksheets. It also offers videos and articles that offer helpful information to parents and teachers.

Another free resource is education.com. This site offers many printable worksheets to let children practice kindergarten sight words.

An additional resource is kidzone.ws/dolch/kindergarten.htm. This website offers a full list of the kindergarten sight words, as well as providing sets of flash cards that break the sight words down into groups. There are also worksheets and fun ideas of ways to use flash cards with children at home or in class.

Using the Google search engine and typing in "kindergarten sight words" gives many more options for resources to use. It is now easier than ever to obtain quality learning tools for both home and professional use, and it is many people's passion to make these tools easily available and easy to use. Many of these tools are free, though some do require payment or registration.