How Can a Life Story Essay Be Written?


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The key to writing a successful life story essay lies in telling an engaging story about a person's life as opposed to just writing records of their past. A life story essay is similar to an autobiography in that the various life events of the subject are outlined. It is essential to try and give an in-depth analysis of the personal background when writing.

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Starting strong is an important aspect to consider when writing this type of an essay. The writer has to gather all the right ideas and arrange them in a predictable, chronological manner. Perhaps reading a few essays that are similar to the subject matter can help the author to get an idea about how this type of writing is done.

It pays to start with an engaging sentence which best captures the reader’s attention. The style of writing in the body of the essay should be in such a way that it makes the reader interested throughout. Writing in a style that a person is comfortable with will help make the content more robust, and enable them to better explore the ideas outlined in the initial case.

The most important aspect of writing a life story essay is to tell a personal story. Writing an essay in this style is most effective when it is done in the first person. Some creativity will help the writer to send a message across in an effective manner. As much as chronology is of the essence, a writer is not obligated to stick to that format.

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