Where Can You Find Lessons on Teaching the Schwa Sound?


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The websites E Learn English and Really Learn English both contain lessons on the proper pronunciation of the English schwa sound. For those seeking to speak English with a British accent, the website Teaching English also contains lessons and teaching resources on schwa.

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E Learn English provides a basic guide to the sound, complete with audio files, in its lesson on the schwa. Really Learn English includes exercises for the student in its schwa lesson, as well as numerous example words and a video about the schwa. Teaching English includes sample exercises on the schwa directed at teachers who are building their own lesson plans.

The schwa sound is the vocalization English uses for many unstressed vowels. Any written vowel in English may be pronounced as a schwa, which can make it a very confusing sound for English learners. The schwa sound is also one of the most common vowel sounds in English, so learning proper pronunciation is key to true fluency.

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