Where Can You Find Free Lesson Plan Formats?


Free lesson plan formats and templates can be found through websites such as Lesson Plans 4 Teachers and k12reader.com. Both sites offer several different lesson plan templates depending on grade level, subject and lesson frequency, ranging from daily to monthly exercises.

Depending on the preference of the teacher and school, the lesson plan templates may be for long, detailed lessons or a short overviews, as in a planner. These printable templates can be printed and organized into a notebook, calendar, folder or binder for easy access and use by the teacher.

A simple Google image search also brings up hundreds of free lesson plan templates. This method enables easy viewing of many different styles and formats. Many teachers also run blogs where they share their own lesson plans and templates, most of which are free. Other creative search and save engines, such as Pinterest, have gathered hundreds of free templates and lesson-planning tools, most of them available from individual blogs.

Many public and private schools also make free lesson-planning templates available to teachers. Some even require teachers to fill out a set form that they turn in to the principal once a week or once a month. This is especially common with new teachers.