How Can You Be Less Nervous About Making a Speech?

People who have public-speaking anxiety often become nervous when making speeches; however, there are a number of tricks that a person can use to beat nerves including being fully prepared, imagining success, looking at people just above the eye, make sure there are no noisy items and know the audience. Being prepared is one of the best and most useful steps that a person can make before giving a speech or presentation.

Prepared people naturally feel more confident because they already know what they will do if their battery runs out on their laptop or if their note cards go missing on the day of the speech. Prepared for the unexpected as well as for the actual speech. This will also make it easier to stay open and remain flexible.

It is also recommended that those who are nervous about giving presentations take special care when choosing their wardrobe and accessories for the day. Items such as large jewelry or pocket change in a wallet can make noise that is picked up by the sound system. This can increase nerves.

Another way to prepare for success is to visualize success. Start with eyes closed and envision the place where the speech will be given or performed. Then move on to the audience, the ambiance and then the speech itself. Envision it going well and ending well.