Where Can You Learn to Write in Chinese?


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Skritter, California State University at Long Beach and ClearChinese.com have tools to help people learn to write in Chinese. Each of the three tools introduces the characters in a different way, supporting a variety of learning styles.

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Skritter is a service with a monthly subscription, but features a demo for users to try out before paying. The service can be used on a browser or as a mobile app, so users can learn through a phone or tablet. It provides hands-on experience writing the shape of the characters on the screen, and the subscription offers further resources, such as statistics, character decompositions and tone exercises.

The CSU website is a basic page with a list of characters. When a character is clicked, how to draw it is shown as an animated image in the top left-hand corner of the page. The set of characters can also be downloaded for practice when not connected to the Internet.

ClearChinese.com has free structured lessons that teach Chinese. Each lesson uses charts to portray basic information about each character, such as shape and meaning. The site also includes online resources, such as Chinese fonts and dictionaries, as well as audio and video lessons to provide a more well-rounded education.

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