Where Can You Learn How to Type?


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Online sites such as Learn Typing and How To Type offer typing lessons for free. These sites have tutorials, exercises, tests and games designed to improve speed, accuracy and confidence. The tutorials start from the simplest exercises for beginners and move to more advanced lessons.

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The Learn Typing website organizes typing lessons into seven beginner classes, seven advanced classes and seven lessons on keyboard shortcuts. Each lesson is accompanied by a video tutorial. Students first learn proper finger positioning on the keyboard home row for the left and right fingers and then typing with the fingers of one hand only. Exercises increase in complexity when left and right fingers are used together. Succeeding lessons teach how to use the shift keys, the letters G and H, and the lower keys. Typing drills become more difficult by requiring students to type words, phrases and eventually full sentences, which maximize skill.

The How To Type website has seven lessons organized into mastery of the keyboard, starting with the home row and followed by the top row, bottom row, capital letters, punctuation, numbers and symbols. The site also has typing practices with varying levels of difficulty. Typing speed tests are divided into basic and intermediate.

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