How Can You Learn to Type?


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Learn how to type by first knowing how to sit at a computer and keyboard properly and what positions the fingers should be on the keys. Try to type without looking at the keyboard, and avoid making mistakes by taking the time to learn which fingers should hit which keys. Use typing lessons and tests to increase typing speed.

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How Can You Learn to Type?
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To begin typing, the left forefinger should be on the F key and the right forefinger on the J key when at rest. The left pinky finger sits on the A key, and the right pinky sits on the semi-colon key at rest. The two thumbs rest on the space bar. The other fingers rest on the keys between the pinky and forefingers.

Touch typing is learning how to type without looking at the keyboard. To do this, learn where the keys are on the keyboard, and imagine the keyboard as the words are typed. Learn number, symbol and function key positions as well as the letters of the alphabet. Speed comes with practice, but accuracy is important since it is taken into account when determining words per minute. Minimize the effort to press the keys so that stress on the back, arms, shoulders and neck is decreased.

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