How Can You Learn to Speak Haitian Creole?


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Ways to learn how to speak Haitian Creole include buying a language program, taking lessons at a local college or university, and searching websites such as YouTube for video lessons. Most language lessons charge a fee, but there are free videos on YouTube to get people started.

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One option for language lessons in Haitian Creole is to use a language program, such as the one from Pimsleur.com. This MP3 program has 30 lessons that take a total of about 16 hours to complete. Some of the basics this program offers include learning to tell time, how to say greetings, shopping phrases and numbers.

Another option for learning Haitian Creole is to take a language course at a local university. In New York City, for instance, students may enroll at the Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York. There are several class options available, from elementary Haitian Creole to advanced courses. Additionally, there are private courses for students who want one-on-one instruction.

On a very basic level, it's possible to learn Haitian Creole by watching videos on YouTube. These videos are free, but they may not always be available or in order. The videos may also only teach certain aspects of Haitian Creole, such as using the language in an educational setting.

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