Where Can You Learn to Speak Creole?

There are numerous websites for learning to speak Creole, including MyLanguageExchange.com, MangoLanguages.com, Omniglot.com and HaitiHub.com. The language learning software Pimsleur offers lessons in MP3 and CD formats.

MyLanguageExchange.com is a language exchange website that connects native speakers with those wanting to learn a new language. The a basic account on the person-to-person site is free to use. As of 2015, there were more than 4,500 listings for people willing to teach Creole in exchange for lessons of other languages.

Mango Languages works in association with public libraries around the United States to offer students access to materials for over 70 languages. Those wishing to learn Creole can access the website to be directed to resources in their area.

Ominglot offers dozens of useful expressions for Creole language learners. The website also feature links to other online resources and materials.

HaitiHub is an initiative to bring Haitian Creole to individuals, organizations and universities. The website offers both paid and free resources for language learning. The company implements the "Creole Made Easy" learning program featuring textbooks supported by online lessons with native speakers.

Pimsleur offers 30 units featuring Haitian Creole. As of 2015, 30 units in MP3 file formatting cost approximately $200. The same 30 units cost $345 in CD format. The company also offers an introductory conversational program in CD format for $49.95.