Where Can You Learn Spanish Online?


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A wide array of online resources are dedicated to English speakers learning Spanish. Three of the most well-known Spanish learning sites are Duolingo, StudySpanish.com and Fluencia.

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Duolingo is a completely free online tool for studying Spanish as well as several other languages. This website features a variety of practice questions students can use to hone reading, writing and speaking skills. Users receive instant feedback and the tools to monitor their progress over a series of different levels. As the student progresses, reminders to go back and work on the difficult parts in the past are sent out. There are also rewards for practicing every day and mobile applications for both Android and IOS.

StudySpanish.com features a range of resources for everyone from the beginner to the advanced speaker. This site features over 1,000 pages of free Spanish language material. Students can focus on improving their grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and verb conjugations.

Fluencia offers users interactive features, personalized feedback and step-by-step directions. This site allows students to set their own pace in advancing through the material. Media sources such as The Washington Post, Fast Company, edSurge, and The Huffington Post have all featured this website as a great tool for learning Spanish.

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