How Can You Learn Spanish Online?


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Users can study Spanish online from websites like StudySpanish.com and Babbel.com. StudySpanish.com provides users with information on how to speak Spanish with the correct pronunciation and grammar. Babbel.com is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and offers interactive lessons.

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StudySpanish.com has several tabs, such as Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Verb Drills. The Pronunciation tab helps users learn intonation, linking, diphthongs and consonants. The Grammar tab contains five units, each of which has information on several different topics. The Vocabulary tab has many Spanish words that may help users improve their vocabulary. The Verb Drills tab holds instruction on how to use various tenses and commands.

Babbel.com lets users choose their proficiency as Beginner or Advanced, and based on their choice, tailors the lessons to help the user learn Spanish. Each lesson has new vocabulary words, a dialogue, grammar instruction and review and drills on what the user has learned. The lessons take around 15 minutes to complete. Each lesson has an explanation on why the language works the way it does, exercises and quizzes.

At the end of each lesson, the user is presented with a numerical grade. The website has a Review Manager, which keeps all the words that the user learned in the lessons. It drills users on these words over and over again to help them imprint the words into their long-term memories.

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