How Can You Learn to Read Faster?


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A combination of methods including focused attention, using peripheral vision and practicing regularly can help readers to learn how to read faster. It takes time to develop the skill of speed reading, but it becomes easier over time, and results are cumulative.

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According to Glendale Community College, paying attention to what is being read and keeping the mind from wandering can help people to read much faster. One of the best ways to learn how to read faster is to start reading more often. As readers become familiar with seeing words and phrases in text form, they naturally read faster.

Using horizontal peripheral vision instead of centralized vision while looking at a page of text can help the individual take in words faster by expanding the field of vision. There are also simple ways to digest text and read all kinds of materials faster by reading headings and the topic sentences of paragraphs to get a basic understanding.

For those who read slowly because of limited vocabulary, improving this by using reading programs, flashcards or hiring a tutor are essential steps. There are also some speed reading courses online that can help. It is important to read at least few times a day to quickly develop speed reading skills, and a variety of texts should be used.

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