How Can You Learn to Pronounce Names Correctly?


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Be sure you are pronouncing names correctly by asking people to teach you how to pronounce their names. Use of online phonetic pronunciation guides, such as PronounceNames.com, can help you, but some individuals choose unique pronunciations for their names that do not adhere to common phonetic rules.

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Search for names you want to learn how to pronounce on PronounceNames.com. The website provides phonetic spellings and audio recordings with the correct pronunciations. Listen to a recording of the correct pronunciation a few times to make sure you know the correct way to pronounce the name. Practice pronouncing the name correctly by speaking the name out loud multiple times. Exaggerate each syllable, and speak slowly when you first pronounce the name to make sure you are teaching yourself the correct sounds.

If you have to speak to someone whose name you are unsure how to pronounce, be honest. Do not mispronounce someone's name because you are too embarrassed to admit you do not know the correct pronunciation. Some individuals may not correct your mispronunciation unless you ask for a pronunciation lesson. Instead of guessing how to pronounce a name and hoping the individual helps you correct your mispronunciation, ask the individual to say his name first.

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