How Can You Learn Presidential Trivia?


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Learn presidential trivia by reviewing websites that provide fun facts and trivia on U.S. presidents, such as LegendsOfAmerica.com, ClassroomHelp.com and FunTrivia.com. These websites provide interesting facts without excessive verbiage, allowing for quick review and study. Many of these facts are inspirational, while others are simply quirky and entertaining.

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LegendsOfAmerica.com provides a random list of presidential facts, aiming to list the most entertaining and interesting. This site contains fewer facts than the other sites but only lists what the creators consider to be entertaining.

ClassroomHelp.com provides a database of all U.S. presidents and includes quotes, important dates, images and facts relevant to each one. This site is a good tool for learning about any specific president because it backs all facts with sources, which are listed on each president's page.

FunTrivia.com poses a list of trivia questions rather than providing the answers immediately, giving the reader the opportunity to test her knowledge instead of simply being provided with facts. The number of questions is extensive. However, the order of the questions is randomized, so looking for any trivia regarding any one particular president is difficult. Although FunTrivia.com does not provide actual sources for its data, users may flag facts as inaccurate.

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