How Can You Learn the Lakota Sioux Language?

How Can You Learn the Lakota Sioux Language?, the Web page of certified Lakota language teacher David Little Elk, offers a Lakota Sioux language course, "Cante Etanhan Owoglake (Speaking From The Heart)," featuring a textbook and 7 audio CDs. The Lakota Language Consortium, operated by the Language Conservancy, an organization dedicated to preserving Native American languages, offers courses at colleges and universities both in the classroom and online.'s Sioux section provides links to purchase textbooks, dictionaries and CDs teaching the Lakota Sioux language. also offers individual language courses and seminars taught live online by David Little Elk. Little Elk also broadcasts a daily radio show in Lakota Sioux; those interested may follow the program, "Ma Lakota," live or via podcast on Little Elk's course is the official Lakota Sioux language course, designated by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council in 2002.

Lakota Sioux language courses are also offered by the Lakota Language Consortium via their Web page, The LLC teaches Lakota Sioux via seminars, online forums, and college classes. The Bookstore sells Lakota Sioux language resources such as digital books, audio courses in conversational Lakota, coloring books and music CDs for children. The bookstore offers a free download of Lakota keyboard characters and 30 Lakota fonts for Windows or Mac OS. Free Lakota smartphone apps are also offered, featuring Lakota Sioux dictionaries and vocabulary exercises., an online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages, hosts a page of links to Lakota Sioux dictionaries, texts and courses available via third-party sellers such as and