Where Can You Learn English in the United States?


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In the United States, there are many programs and classes in universities and colleges that teach English to foreign speakers. Some public schools and private schools offer English classes free of charge to non-native students who wish to become more proficient if they are within the schools district, according to Study USA.

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English classes offered at universities and colleges vary in difficulty, length and their requirements. It may be necessary at some universities to stay over the course of a semester in order to learn all that is necessary. These classes are normally 20 to 25 hours a week and also include exams that grade the students on the proficiency of their knowledge. If students are unable to fulfill these commitments, they should look into alternative places to begin their learning.

At colleges and universities, it is possible for students who enroll in the English learning classes to also take other classes for credits towards a degree. However, these classes normally require that students already have a sufficient grasp of the language, so the students may have to wait until they become more comfortable with the language before enrolling. For speakers with less experience, it is more common to take beginner's classes at a local community college or learning center, explains Study USA.

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