How Can You Learn English in 10 Days?

How Can You Learn English in 10 Days?

You cannot learn English, or any language, to a fluent level in only 10 calendar days. However, if you space 10 days, or 240 hours, of study and practice over a longer period of time, you could achieve a higher level of proficiency.

Learning a new language involves memorizing new vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure and cultural nuances. Decide what level of proficiency you wish to achieve, then budget a certain amount of time each day to bring you closer to that goal. Several language programs, such as Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur and FluentU, offer accelerated language learning techniques. Research your options and decide which approach is most comfortable for your learning style, schedule and budget.

Rosetta Stone models its language instruction on the way children learn; by absorbing vocabulary and pronunciation naturally from your environment utilizing multiple senses. Rosetta Stone also offers lessons with native speakers and opportunities for you to interact with other students.

The Pimsleur method taps into the scientific understanding of memory and language recall. Students are tested and reminded of new words in gradually increasing intervals to embed them in long-term memory. The instruction is composed of common words and phrases to increase familiarity with native pronunciation, intonation and rhythm.

FluentU is an Internet-based language course composed of videos in the subject language. You can choose from English movie trailers, music videos or videos about any subject you are interested in. This method associates language with action while immersing you in the culture.