How Can You Learn American English Online?


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American English can be learned through a variety of online resources provided by the United States government and other websites that offer lessons ranging from vocabulary to pronunciation. Many of these resources offer additional insight into American culture for learners who may be studying the English language from abroad.

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The United States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs hosts a website devised with interactive learning material that can be used by teachers in course lesson plans or by individuals wishing to learn American English independently. Resources for learners are designed using various themes, media content, and proficiency stages to develop the skill sets required for English language fluency. Practice exercises feature advanced critical thinking texts, instructive games for young learners, and audio activities that accommodate all listening levels.

Other free online resources include English language lessons created on the website learnamericanenglishonline.com, which its content into levels based upon prior language learning experience. Students with basic knowledge of the language, for example, may bypass beginner lessons to engage in those designed for intermediate learners and progress to more advanced levels as they complete quizzes and activities. Video lessons are also available through the site, as are classroom materials for teaching English as a second language.

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