How Can You Take Korean Classes Online?

How Can You Take Korean Classes Online?

Online Korean classes are available through the International Korean Language Foundation, Seoul National University, Sogang University, Oregon State University and Georgia Perimeter College, as of October 2015. Multiple levels of study are available using online courses from these schools. The classes may be taken anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

The Korean Language Education Center page of the Seoul National University website provides a free study guide for learning Korean. Click on Unit 1 to see Korean language basics, such as what the Korean alphabet is called and how Korean vowels and consonants are used together.

The Sogang University Korean Program Web page provides an online Korean class portal where you can take Korean language classes ranging from introductory Korean to intermediate Korean, as well as a class about understanding South Korea,

Oregon State University provides tuition-based online Korean classes. Students completing one year of Korean can read and write the Korean alphabet, compose text messages in Korean, participate in brief conversations in Korean, and understand Korean history and culture.

Georgia Perimeter College also offers online tuition-based Korean classes, starting with elementary Korean and progressing through intermediate Korean. Elementary and intermediate Korean are each two-part courses.