How Can You Help Kindergartners Develop Their Handwriting Skills?


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To help kindergartners develop their handwriting skills, teach them the best way to grasp a pencil, use lined paper, go slow, and teach them to use less pressure when writing. Hand control games are also a great way to improve handwriting skills.

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  1. Teach them the best way to grasp a pencil

    Many children hold pencils near the middle or top of the pencil. Show them the correct way to hold the pencil near the tip. Rest the pencil near the base of the thumb and the tip of the index finger for better control when writing.

  2. Use lined paper

    Lined paper helps children write letters and numbers that are proportionate. Teach them to write capital letters that stretch from the top to bottom lines. Lined paper also helps keep handwriting straight.

  3. Go slow

    Encourage kindergartners to take their time and write slower. Writing too fast can create sloppy, hard-to-read handwriting. Going slower helps children have more control over the pencil and write legibly.

  4. Use less pressure

    Teach children to lighten their grip and press down gently on the paper. This enables them to have more control over the lines and direction of their writing on the paper.

  5. Play games

    Playing games, such as Jenga, fosters hand control and can aid handwriting. Using clothes pins to pick up items instead of the fingers also helps children develop better grip and hand control.

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