How Can You Help Kids Prepare for Fifth Grade Math Quizzes?


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Help students prepare for a fifth grade math quiz by launching an interactive game in the classroom where students must answer multiplication or division answers flashed on cards as fast as possible. Teachers can also have students work on math problems or worksheets in groups with peers helping one another to prepare for a quiz.

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Fifth grade math students may also be better prepared for a quiz if they are exposed to online math games. Parents and teachers can subscribe to math tutorial websites that quiz students, walk them through the process of solving math equations and reward them with points for their efforts. Many of these online applications and programs also provide statistics on the students' progress and an estimate of the students' readiness for quizzes and advanced equations.

Prepare fifth grade students for math quizzes by administering practice tests so they can familiarize themselves with the question format on classroom tests and quizzes. Teachers can host a mock testing session where students are allowed to complete practice quizzes or tests with their book, worksheets and online resources to help them find the answers. Practice tests often show students areas of the subject where they need extra review and practice before a quiz.

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