How Can Kids Get Help With Math School Work?


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Parents whose children need help in math can talk to the children's math teachers or doctors, or work with their children at home. The parent can learn exactly what the teacher has observed and receive recommendations to help the student succeed in both the current and the upcoming academic year.

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How Can Kids Get Help With Math School Work?
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The parent may be able to arrange a 504 plan for her child that would provide the student with special accommodations to help him succeed in math. The teacher or parent may also request an educational evaluation, and the results of this may determine the student's eligibility for an Individualized Education Plan entitling him to free services and support in math and other subjects.

The parent may also speak to her child's doctor or to a specialist to determine whether the child has ADHD or another medical condition preventing him from succeeding. Afterwards, the doctor can recommend treatment that may improve class performance.

Parents can help their children at home by finding math applications and games to make math seem fun. Parents can also turn real-life situations into math games.

During this time, parents should speak with other parents for both support and to develop different strategies to help their children learn. All along, they should acknowledge their child's mathematical strengths and build on them to preserve the child's self-confidence and self-esteem.

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