How Can You Help Kids Learn Spelling?


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To help kids learn spelling, use the spelling word memory method, which involves finding a pair of word flash cards, or allow children to say words after flipping word cards. Other recommended ideas include using the trace, copy and recall activity, and practicing the stairsteps spelling method.

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How Can You Help Kids Learn Spelling?
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Spelling word memory is a method that requires creating two sets of word cards. Participants can spread the cards face down and alternately flip two cards simultaneously to find a pair. Another fun spelling activity is to let the child flip over a word card, read the word aloud, say the letters, turn the card around and write the word on paper.

Children may also find it easier to learn spelling by practicing the trace, copy and recall activity, which requires folding three paper columns and labeling them with the words "trace," "copy" and "recall." Participants can trace the letters of words written in the first column, copy the words by reading what they wrote, and fold the initial two columns to recall and write the correct spelling.

Stairsteps is a spelling activity that allows children to spell words by writing one letter at a time. Parents and teachers may also allow children to write on windows using window-safe crayons or play tic-tac-toe using spelling words on a large board.

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