How Can Kids Learn Spanish Online?


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Kids can learn Spanish online by utilizing language websites or by finding instructional or educational videos on video platform sites. Some language software programs utilize websites in addition to the CD/DVD content. Some language sites also use mobile applications with built-in lesson plans and games that test comprehension.

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Many language software programs have fees, although there are some free websites that offer comparable lesson plans, such as conversational language, basic grammar or specialized vocabulary. Many of these lessons are designed to be easy enough for a child to understand them, starting with basic words, such as "cat" or "apple," and simple grammar, such as "to be" verbs and singular or plural nouns, and verb differences. These sites often have companion audio so that the words and pronunciations are clearly understood.

Many online video platforms offer video tutorials of Spanish lessons from various users or channels. Some channels specialize in teaching children, while others are directed toward a more general audience. These channels do not usually have a lesson plan or curriculum, but some do release the videos in a sequential order. A parent or instructor has the ability to view videos beforehand and create a lesson plan for the child with a predetermined time set for each lesson. Supplement the lessons with online language games or printouts.

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