Where Can a Kid Get Clown Fish Facts?


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Kids can get facts about clown fish at KidzWorld.com, NationalGeographic.com and SoftSchools.com. These kid's websites offer information, pictures, and video clips about clown fish and other sea creatures.

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Where Can a Kid Get Clown Fish Facts?
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There are many different species of clown fish. They live in warm water on the ocean floor in the Indian and Pacific oceans, Red Sea and Australia's Great Barrier Reef. They are small creatures and only become 2 to 5 inches long. People can easily recognize clown fish because of their many colors and white stripes. Clown fish are also called anemonefish because they live in harmony with sea anemones. The clown fish eat the anemone's leftovers, and the anemone use clown fish to remove dead tentacles and increase water circulation.

Clown fish live in small groups consisting of a couple and their offspring. They are territorial and aggressive. They defend their home and attack enemies if they get too close. Different species of clown fish females lay hundreds to thousands of eggs and place them on underwater rocks. The fish eggs incubate for six to 10 days, and almost all of them successfully hatch. Clown fish are often eaten by eels, sharks and large fish. The largest threats to the survival of clown fish species are pollution, over-fishing and destruction of their natural habitat.

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