Where Can You Find Instructions for Building a Submarine for Kids' Science Projects?


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Instructions for building a submarine for kids' science projects are available at educational websites such as ScienceBuddies.org, WonderHowTo.com and Inventors.About.com. Submarine excursion companies, such as Submarine Safari, also provide families with plans for homemade submarines.

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Some of the sites, such as Inventors.About.com, include follow-up questions to help children assess how the submarine works. Others, like ScienceBuddies.org, provide a full lesson plan including the objective, lesson abstract, a cost breakdown and variations to try.

Most sites include a liquid bottle in their materials list. Other items necessary to create a submarine for a science project include tape, a straw, plastic tubing, coins and aluminum foil. An instrument for cutting, such as scissors or a knife, is also required.

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